Hi. I'm Costas.

I'm a designer located in Athens, Greece. I currently work at JWT Athens, and also do selected freelance work. I have expertise in desktop publishing and logo design/corporate ID, and some experience with web and UI design.

So, what do I do?

I live and breathe design.

I'm obsessed with pixel-perfect design, new technologies and the web.

Logo Design

logo design

I love creating logos. The idea of taking your company and transforming it to a recognizable brand is what keeps me awake at night. Sort of.

Constantinos Papaconstantinou

print design

Oh, the smell of ink. With my extensive experience in print design, I can deliver anything you might need, be it signage, leaflets, catalogues, advertisements etc.

Constantinos Papaconstantinou

web & mobile

My latest adventure in design. Creating pixel-perfect interfaces and web sites that will make you want to touch it all the time. Your app. Or site.

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Skills & Expertise

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Dreamweaver


Blender 3D

Corel Draw

Quark Xpres




MS Office/ LibreOffice


Institute of Professional Studies (2 yrs.)
Diploma in Graphic Design
Unified Multidisciplinary Lyceum
Diploma in Graphic Design, Photography, Applied Arts


Fluent (Written & Oral)

Fluent (first language)

Seminars & Online Courses


"Web Fundementals -HTML/CSS" (2012)

+Design Magazine

"Panorama of Greek Design" (2006-2007 - 2008)

Greek Graphic Design Association

Work Experience

Spot JWT Athens

Studio Graphic Designer (2010 - Present)
Some of the major clients I have worked for: Vodafone, Nokia, Nestle, Opel, Heineken, Davidoff, Athens International Airport etc.

Ashley & Holmes Worldgroup S.A.

Studio Graphic Designer (2009 - 2010) Some of the major clients I have worked for: Microsoft, Hyundai, OPAP, Hasbro, FIX Beer

ConceptManiax Advertising

Art Director (2008 - 2009)

NiceAd Advertising

Art Director (2008)

Akida Design

Creative Direction / Owner (2006 - 2008)

Between 2006 - 2008 I started my own design business with three colleagues. As an owner and Creative Director, I was responsible for managing our employees, keeping up with the deadlines and some financial micro-management. As a designer, I created:

Adel Saatchi & Saatchi

Studio Graphic Designer (2006)

Axon Schools

Photoshop Teaching (2003)

Taught Basic Adobe Photoshop Usage in a 3-month Seminar

Alexandros Publications

Junior Art Director (2003 - 2006)

Started working as a Junior Art Director in a small range newspaper that focused on municipal and local goverment news. Also worked as a Junior Art Director and was responsible for the layout of several luxury history albums.

Other Interests

...or maybe see something awesome?

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This is some of my recent work.

"This is my best work". Said no designer, ever.

Radiobubble.gr Android App (Redesign)

PortfolioOf (Concept App)

NeoAnalysis(Web Design)

Splash Screens / Concepts

Android Gnome3 Launcher (Concept)

Various Logos

Print Design

3D Illustrations

Well, that's it. Unless...